About Our Company

Morgan Landscape & Stoneworks, is the leading landscape and stonework company located in Buncombe County, NC.  Frederick Morgan is a talented landscape designer with over 20 years’ experience in the development and installation of landscape designs.  He developed Morgan Landscape & Stoneworks 10 years ago with the support and encouragement of his previous employer.  Fred’s ability to connect with the community on a large scale has given him the ability to be trusted by homeowner associations, communities, commercial developers and residential developers.

From the initial consultation, as Fred listens to his client’s desires he offers design suggestions offering the best layout, plant choices and stonework to create a beautiful outside space. Fred’s passion for nature, love for native plants and extensive knowledge of landscape allows Morgan Landscape & Stoneworks to provide the highest quality projects and authentic service available to clients in Western North Carolina.

Fred has acquired a wealth of knowledge through multiple avenues such as: Horticulture Training through the North Carolina Arboretum, multiple workshops through the NC Cooperative Exchange provided by North Carolina State University, Davidson College farm workshops, as well as multiple tradeshows in Raleigh and Winston-Salem.  Fred has an interest in native plants.  Fred’s study of plants native to Western North Carolina ensures his ability to offer clients beautiful landscape designs to include plants that will thrive in their yards based on the natural resources of the area. 

As a child, Fred was encouraged to attend college and become an accountant. However, he wanted to be a professional hockey player! Fred ventured to Florida and attended Saint Pete College and University of South Florida in Tampa. Fred’s education has allowed him to acquire the knowledge needed to operate a successful business. After relocating to WNC, Fred joined the Asheville Hockey League and played at Carrier Park regularly. Michelle, Fred’s wife, expressed that she understood his love of landscape design when she visited his home place of his childhood. “Fred loved playing in the woods as a child, jumping from rock to rock admiring every growing beautiful thing in his sight.” She understood that this love of nature inspired him to become a landscape designer versus continuing a career as an accountant. Michelle grew excited to discuss the natural landscape of Fred’s hometown filled with boulders and beauty. Fred further explained that he loves every aspect of nature from camping and hiking to caring for plants and animals. Fred has a deep respect for nature.

Many don’t know that Fred writes songs and plays the guitar! Not to mention, he’s an amazing artist that often expresses himself through drawing and woodworking. These abilities enrich his landscape design through creativity coupled with his artistic ability to visualize a client’s ideal and bring it to fruition. Fred puts his heart and soul into each of his projects seeing it through to the end.

Fred has two sons who he feels are his biggest accomplishments. In the past, Fred enjoyed coaching sports such as baseball, flag football and hockey. While Fred’s children were younger, he thoroughly enjoyed coaching team sports. Fred explained this allowed him to impact young men, spread positivity and see others each their fullest potential. The experience of coaching has allowed Fred to understand the need to continue empowering others in their personal and professional development, especially his team members. As a leader, Fred values the ability to spend quality time with others and ensure that he is making an impact to enrich their lives. Most recently, Fred and his wife have partnered with Woodfin Elementary School to update their courtyard and advise the schools garden club.

Fred’s team refers to him as being a man with integrity and compassion. Fred is further known to be diligent, kind, friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and creative. The projects that Fred has completed, allows you to see his creativity and his ability to complete beautiful gardens, tiered landscapes, steps and artful creations for clients to be able to utilize their land for functional purposes such as family gatherings, gardens and artful playgrounds to unwind. Morgan Landscape & Stoneworks not only creates functional space for clients to have a beautiful area to escape into nature, they also offer services to assist with drainage, site grading and new construction beautification.

Undoubtedly, Morgan Landscape & Stoneworks has an undisputable and remarkable reputation through partnerships with companies such as: Jag Builders, Jade Builders, Blue Ridge Mountain Homes. Morgan Landscape & Stoneworks has also worked with the following homeowner associations: Olivette, Creston, Sovereign Oaks, etc… You can see many of Fred’s designs throughout communities such as Biltmore Lake, Biltmore Forest, Olivette and Creston, and more.

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Fred Morgan / Owner

Our References:

“I have known Fred Morgan as long as I’ve had my nursery, going on about 13 years or so. It has been a great pleasure knowing Fred. He is always very thorough and considerate when dealing with his jobs and customers. His knowledge of plants has always been impressive and he has a great work ethic. You can tell he takes great pride in his work and always strives for perfection. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.”

Britt Averine
Willow Creek Nursery


“I’ve worked with Fred and his team since 2010 and they are always professional, kind, and hard-working. They always show up when they say they will and they happily help us load up their plant order with smiles. We recommended Fred and his team to our retail customers because we know that he is honest, reliable, easy to work with, and always does what he says he will. His dedication to his work is evident in his high quality landscapes and the satisfaction of this clients.”

Shelby Jackson
Carolina Native Nursery